Collingwood Flea Market
Table rates

Outdoor Table Rates


New-Saturday-$12+$9 each extra table
Used-Saturday-$9 per table
New-Sunday-$19+$14 each extra table
Used-Sunday-$14 per table
Weekend-New-$19+14 each extra table
Used-$14 per table


New-Saturday-$11+$8 each extra table
Used-Saturday-$8 per table
New-Sunday-$18+$13 each extra table
Used-Sunday-$13 per table
Weekend-New-$18+13 each extra table
Used-$13 per table


New-Saturday-$10+$7 each extra table
Return Sunday-$8+$7 each extra table
Used-Saturday-$7 each table
Return Sunday-$7 each table
New-Sunday-$17+$10 each extra table
Used-Sunday-$10 each table

*any additional space used next to or behind the table will be charged at a per table rate

Ground Spots

Saturday-$26 per spot
Sunday-$36 per spot
Weekend-$36 per spot

Outdoor Vendor Information- Friday

(No Food or Beverage Concessions)

Fridays are bargains day at the Collingwood Flea Market. New merchandise on Fridays is $4 for the 1st table and $2 each additional table. Used merchandise on Fridays is just $2 per table. Ground spots for new merchandise is $8 for the first spot and $4 each additional spot. Used merchandise is $8 per spot. Certain items do get a different rate. Please contact the office is you have any questions.
 (Prices subject to change at anytime)

Indoor Tables

Indoor spaces are considered the most permanent. Mandatory hours for indoor vendors are Friday 11AM-7PM, Saturday 9AM-7PM, and Sunday 9AM-5PM.

Indoor rates are based on square footage and will vary. Building doors are opened 9AM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For more information or to inquire about availability, contact the management office at (732) 938-7941.

(732) 938-7941
1350 New Jersey 33, Farmingdale, NJ, 07727, United States
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